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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A couple of discharge projects.

I am hoping to work on some discharge projects this weekend but till then I thought I would show you a couple of wall hangings I have. They are not "high ART" but I have them hanging in my office and actually get more comments on them than I do on my more sophisticated pieces.

This is a piece of black cotton from Joann's that I brushed with Decolourant to see what would happen.  I know it is Decolourant because when I used bleach, the fabric discharged to brown rather than this grey.  To integrated the two colors, I used some embroidery floss to quilt outline the discharged area.  I was experimenting with copper wire and affixing beach stones.

In this piece I got a bit more adventurous and did the quilting with the embroidery thread before I discharged the material.  If you look in the discharged areas you can see the added texture I got from discharging it after quilting.

Are you familiar with Decolourant?  Here is the product page with how-to's for painting, printing, stamping, screening, and spraying with Decolourant.  I'll be doing some of that this weekend!

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  1. Yes and I DO like the way the puckery fabric has discharged unevenly. As far as I am concerned, the more textured the better. The thread gives dimensional texture while the uneven discharge gives visual texture.


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