Monday, November 21, 2011

More experiments and play

So, for this piece, I took some of my dried painted papers, cut them into the above designs, laid them on my cloth, and then ironed a yellow-green painted paper over top of them to achieve the above result.  I think I'm going to go over it again with a green and/or blue paper as well to get a more nuanced result.

For this piece, I cut some papers into triangle shapes and ironed them onto a piece of cloth for a cute piece of fabric. More, after the jump:

I love this piece of fabric and the painted paper it comes from for its water-like effect.  The paper was first painted with pale blue, and then, while still wet with green and then darker blue, after which I combed the still-wet paint.

The paper for this fabric was first painted with orange, and while still wet, layered over with a fuschia-mix and a few drops of blue, through which I "finger-painted". 

On this one I did a yellow base on the paper, poured black and brown mix on top, and then "scribbled' with my finger through the paint.


  1. Oooh -- I love the sprockets! And the triangles. I'm going to have to play around with cutout shapes this weekend.

  2. I think you are now rocking and rolling with this technique. I love these results. When Bletchley Park is finished (ho hum) I might break out my transfer paints!


  3. @Karen - the cut out shapes are a lot of fun - I like the possibilities of it - even on pre-dyed man-made fabrics.

    Hillary - when you do, be sure to limk your results!


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