Monday, November 7, 2011

First finish...

Happy Monday!

This is something I made with my first set of transfers...

I began by using this mottled yellowy brown background - which I created by first covering my paper with orange transfer paint,  then adding stripes of yellow disperse dye over that, and over it all, droplets of brown dispere dye.  I then smooshed all the colours together by making a pouncing motion with the flat of my hand.  Once it was dry, I ironed it to my fabric. (To get a more intense colouring, I would have had to iron longer - but I wanted this mild version.)

Next, I used this orange/yellow combo (as above) and ironed sections of  it over the mottled mustardy-yellow background.

This paper (now dry) is a combination of greens.  The same disperse dye green, "au naturel" on the left,  mixed with a little black on the right and a little blue on the blackish looking streak/drips on top.  (All the mixing was done while wet.)  I have to say, this particular paper is my favourite - it produces a nice yellow green, a brilliant blue-green and a leaf green - all in the same paper! I think I've used it on every single piece of fabric I've produced for the Fire tutorials (and that's about 30 pieces of fabric - so far! - which goes to show how many times you can re-use these papers.)
I got a fern from the garden and used it as a resist before laying different sections of the green paper above all over it. ( By the way -  when ironing - I've been using a padded surface, a piece of craft paper, my fabric, the transfer dye paper, and then tracing paper over that to protect the iron - and the iron has to be dry, hot and constantly moving with good pressure to get good results.)

After quilting, I added some pastel dye sticks, watercolour dye crayons and a gold leaf pen to enhance, and then decided to add some beads -  for a little sparkle.

Stay tuned - more ferns using different colourations and layers to come - some "prints", and some really lovely (even if I do say so myself!) abstract colour cloths to come in the next weeks.

If you're working along with us, please post your links in the comments!



  1. Wonderful effect.......Fabulous!!!

  2. I love this Kit. You really went WILD then set it on FIRE.

  3. Hi Kit,
    Congratulations on a stunning piece !
    If you would like more information on my MultiSperse Dye Sublimation (MSDS) technique using multiple colour plates and resists employing disperse dyes please see my blog for information - Blog Archive September 3, 2011.
    Quilting Arts magazine has published my MSDS technique, colour mixing guide etc in the August/September issue.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your disperse dye pieces.

    Marie-Therese Wisniowski

  4. Marie-Therese, thanks for dropping by and leaving some great information for us. I'll definitely have a look at it later in the week - and I'm sure our readers will too!



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