A TECHNIQUE DRIVEN Blog dedicated to mastery of surface design techniques. First we dye, overdye, paint, stitch, resist, tie, fold, silk screen, stamp, thermofax, batik, bejewel, stretch, shrink, sprinkle, Smooch, fuse, slice, dice, AND then we set it on fire using a variety of heat tools.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Round robin final

This piece has made the rounds, and is now heading back to Jenny.

After receiving it from Beth, I used this stamp on it with some DeColourant.

The DeColourant was one that supposedly took color out and replaced it. The color was "Natural Storm Grey" or something like that, but it looks pretty blue to me.

After stamping, I heat set it with my iron. I thought there might be a color change after heating, but there didn't seem to be.

Hope you enjoy, Jenny!


  1. Beautiful! Definitely a Complex Cloth! I will have to go back to see all the pix as it went around the group!

  2. Laura,
    I know how nervous you were about "ruining" someone's cloth. WOW! You did good!! I would love to have this cloth.

  3. Thanks, Judith. It was a good experience to do only one thing to a piece of fabric and send it on to the next person. I can't wait until mine comes back to me.


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