Sunday, June 5, 2011

Charlene's piece for the Surface Design Round Robin

Remember Charlene's piece that I had showed you and asked for help?  So far it has been parfait dyed by Charlene and then Beth had given it squiggles/sun rays from a thermofax screen using gold paint.  I got to the do the next layer and was a bit concerned. The piece was pretty and I really didn't want to screw up. 

After a month of hanging on my design wall I decided to use charcoal to highlight the shifts in colors.  I made the charcoal permanent by coating the fabric with a textile medium.  Here is the result.  What I was already seeing as a fiery sun has become more distinct and dramatic.  I think my addition was successful.


How are you doing with your Surface Design Round Robin pieces?  I would love to see pictures!


  1. Wow, Judith. This piece looks GREAT! I LOVE the depth the charcoal added to the piece. I do have a couple of questions. Does the textile medium change the hand of the fabric? What textile medium do you use?

  2. Quilter Beth said it WOW!!!! I absolutely LOVE effect you achieved with charcoal.....okay so I MUST know more

  3. I am still very much in the experimentation phase. I really hope to get much better using what Kerr Grabowski calls "fugitive media." By that she means that it is a medium that orginated with paper and is now being used in fabric. I prefer to think of them as immigrants--charcoal, chalk, pencil, etc.

    Beth, yes, the textile medium does change the hand of the fabric. I used acrylic textile medium for Charlene's piece. The fabric is quite stiff although I hope after washing it will soften. For my Fugitive Jungle I used Fabric magic, a print paste, and it left the fabric much softer.

    I hope to get more proficient with the immigrants/fugitives so that I can choose it as a technique in September and have more experience to share.

  4. Here is a link to a handout from Kerr that explains a bit more about the process:

  5. I have never heard of "Fabric Magic." I'm excited about experimenting with this technique in September. ...and by the way, I like "immigrants" better than "fugitives" too!

  6. Hmmmm... it is a PDF called "Making Fugitive Media Permanent on Fabric." When I google "Kerr" and Fugitive Media" this is the second result that shows for me. I am so gonna buy her DVD on surface design. I bet it goes into much more detail.


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