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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inking on a Landscape

I've only worked a little with the Tsukineko Inks, but so far I love them.  Here's a landscape that I did a while back:

The colors a little off here on my monitor, sorry.  I used the inks with both paint brush and the Fantastix pens to paint in the shadows and highlights of the mountains in the background.  These were originally just a plain grey piece of fabric.  I also painted in the shadows of the island and the peninsula, as well as using some darker greens to shadow parts of the thread-painted treeline. 

Here's a more detailed look at the mountains.  I was able to get exactly the effect I wanted with washes of the inks, including light green highlights for the vegetation. 
 I'll dig up a copy of the original photo so you can see what I was trying to achieve.  In the meantime, I'm certainly going to check out the aleo gel as a medium for detailed painting!


  1. Hmm, after seeing this landscape, I don't think anything I could make would even begin to come close to this. It's amazing. I love the look of the trees in the foreground, is the thread painting done with a zig-zag stitch? I would love to be able to see this in person and really study it closely!

    But it's making me feel really depressed...

  2. Gads! Don't be depressed! I'm certain you CAN create one! Yes, the trees are thread-painted onto water-soluble stabilizer using free-motion stitching...I did use zig-zag as my wrists were about to fall off from trying to move the hoop around enough to get the texture I wanted.

    Where are you located? I'm going to be in Burlington, VT, at the end of the month, and will be bringing this and another landscape for a show and tell. Or perhaps you can come to Maine? That would be too cool, and you could meet many of us who are doing the techniques on this blog.

  3. I'm in North Carolina, can't travel to Burlington, but wish I could! Work gets in the way of everything FUN I want to do. Going to Maine for a vacation is still on my list of "someday" places! Thread painting is one of those things I've never really tried, maybe I should. The texture you've created with it is amazing.

  4. I think this is a great use of these inks. Possibly the best use. What a beautiful landscape! I think the thread-painting is inspired.

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