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Friday, April 8, 2016

Let Me Count the Ways......

Alstromeria leaves used as a screen stencil with thickened fabric dye
Pattern made with Alstromeria screen

Flora on Fabric

  • Screen printing with plant parts as stencils (see the photos above)
  • Deconstructed Screen Printing with plants (see below)
  • Flower photos turned into fabric collage
  • Direct/Monoprinting with plants
  • Gelli plate printing(also below)
  • Botany textbook illustrations scanned and printed on fabric
  • Natural dyes from plants
  • Botany lab illustrations
  • Eco printing
  • Sun printing
  • Flower pounding
  • Plant drawings scanned and printed

To the left is an example of some deconstructed screen printing done with paperwhite narcissus flowers and leaves, after they were first used as stencils. The thickened dye dried while I was distracted by something else.  

Next time, I'd start in with some step-by-step instructions.

Gelli plate printing with bamboo leaves on paper


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