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Monday, May 27, 2013

Thread painting examples

I have not had much time to try Karen's techniques with stabilizers, but have a couple of examples where I have used free-motion stitching on fused art quilts:
This is the photo I was using for my inspiration... note all the wonderful textures of the trees and grasses.

After I fused my fabrics to a foundation piece, I began creating the textures with various colored threads.

This project took quite awhile to finish, but I finally completed it.
Here it is framed, at the exhibit where it sold.  People were very curious about what media I had used, thinking it was colored pencil.  They were quite amazed to discover it was thread!  
I have since used this technique on another framed piece which hangs in my living room.  I love the details I can achieve using thread to 'sketch'.  It takes time and patience, and many thread changes, but it adds so much to the visual interest of the composition, that the time and effort is really worth it! 


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