Thursday, August 9, 2012

Flour paste resist

I'm trying to avoid sugar so I did a flour paste resist! It came out better than expected or at least better than I expected it would.

                              I was thinking dandelion and I ended up with fireworks. Nice, no?

                                                          Or are those pine cone tassels?

                                             I think the colors are "coloring" my judgement.


  1. Great screen, Beth! I see pine needles.

  2. also looks like pine needles. Very cool

  3. Love it -- but I see fireworks! -- Ok -- maybe I'm seeing colors that aren't there...

  4. Ponderosa pine... I know because we have some in our yard! Very nice, Beth. Did you get this from Lisa's book? I have it coming in the mail soon, and hope to try some of her techniques in the next few months.


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