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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Can't wait til Christmas

because that will mean we are starting on our adventure. I am very excited about our group and all that we will learn about each other, techniques and our art.
You probably don't know this but I wrote my master thesis on co-housing communities and whether they engendered a sense of community. A large part of my writing involved defining community: what exactly is it; and how it is created. One form of community that was just on the horizon were online communities. This was in the late 90's. In the twelve years since I did my research, online communities have grown exponentially just as our use of the web and other electronics like the smart phone, MP3, Wii, ebooks and others have.
I don't think I gave online communities much thought back them and I am amazed at how many Yahoo groups, blogs and online educational programs I am involved in.
There was much fear and skepticism about the "brave new world" coming over the last half of the last century. I didn't fear it because I couldn't imagine it. My many imaginings were more along the lines of jet cars and space travel.
I must say, I have come to love all the wonderful elecronic gadgets I use daily. My computer (I have 3: one netbook for travel, one laptop and my Big Girl desktop), my MP3 player loaded with audiobooks and my DVR.
These wonderful creations have brought YOU to me. You are my delightful online community.


  1. I have met some wonderful, talented, loving, supportive people, on the Internet. I got back into creating mixed media because of the wonderful artists out there that encouraged and taught me. For me, the process is the journey and I am so happy to have met up with all of you to begin another journey. :)Bea

  2. I loved your comments about community,Beth. The world has changed a lot since my college days, when community was as close as the dorm room next door. As an adult, it seemed so much harder to connect because everyone has such busy lives. With online communities, it doesn't matter what your work schedule is, what the kids' soccer schedule is, what else is going on, everyone can go online and connect at different times. And I LOVE the idea of this blog. I'm looking forward to the adventures of the new year!!

  3. Yep, my skills have grown due to my interactions with other artists on the web. Even the artists that I get to play with in person I met on the web.

  4. I am so appreciative to have the opportunity to "meet" you all. I can't wait to start our projects.

  5. When I was younger, I didn't know ANYONE except me who sewed clothing (except my grandmas), and didn't know anyone else who was willing to try to make just about anything with fabric. In the past year I've learned so much from blogs, I've tried dyeing, printing, batik, shibori, and all kinds of other techniques. The internet has let me know that there are so many people out there who share my interests and I'm so excited to get to work with all of you!


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