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Monday, December 16, 2013

Initial dyeing

Acid dyeing wool is so fast and easy but of course getting the color you are looking for isn't as easy. I knew I would have a difficult time with the accuracy of the dyes so I will experiment with needle felting roving and fabric on top to get the color and dimensionality I am looking for.

I started with a felted wool blanket. Wish I could find more of these but they are getting hard to find.

Two square in different sizes. The larger will be for the top of the piece.

Soaking in a bath of vinegar water. The vinegar is the "acid' mordant of the acid dye

Of course I waited til I used the mixed dye before taking the picture. I mixed the yellow with drops of blue to make the green.

In an oven proof dish in the vinegar and dye bath. Now I just have to cover with cling film and punch some holes to allow the steam to escape.

Five minutes on 50% power should do it.

This is the blue

I know they seem a bit bright but I will tone them down and correct the color with needle felting.

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  1. I agree, felted wool blanket is definetely hard to find, and seeing these great results, you know eactly why we are looking for them!!!


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