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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shibori Folding - no 12

And now, we're up to some 3D folding. Roll your square piece intoc a tube. And clamp it between those corner pieces from the hardware store:


Interesting.... there must be more ways to fold 3D, will think about it.


  1. I like to do Itajime, but you are doing things that I never would have thought of with great results. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Every post I get the biggest kick out of the unique "resist" items you have chosen. You must have had a ball in the hardware store (smile)!!! Your results are amazing!

  3. Geweldig wat een mooie effecten. Je gaat de bouwmarkt met hele andere ogen zien.

  4. These are very versatile examples, Nienke. Great ideas with the different hardware-store articles. Thanks for all the work you've invested in it. It's just amazing!

  5. Very cool! Folding it that way allows for more fabric to get a vibrant dose of the dye. Lots of great movement here and kind of a ghost print as well. Got to try that one. Thanks for sharing


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