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Sunday, August 2, 2015

New month: Ecoprint with cotton

That was a very exciting month of Using silk screens, thank you Maggi Birchenough!!!
A new month arrived so we start with a new topic: Ecoprint on cotton. Ecoprint in 'printing leafs on fabric with help of a mordant'.

There are many tutorials on the web for ecoprint on wool or silk, the easier fiber to print on.
But, I find a special challenge in printing on cotton, not the least because I love to use these in artquilts or pojagi, so let's see where this month of experimenting will bring us!

I will post monday, wednesday and friday. And will share all I discovered, the good and the less-good ;-). Above all, will try to keep it as environmental friendly as possible.
Welcome to join me this month!

PS. I am dutch so please excuse me on forehand if english is not correct. And there might be a difference in trees and plants between our countries. Still, we have quite a few in common as well ;-) being the hardest part to find the english word for it. You can help me out if you know a more common name in the comments!


  1. I'm looking forward to this Nienke - I'd love to try!!

  2. As they say in the Southern part of the US....bless your heart!!!! I've been wanting to learn about ecoprinting for ages......read everything I could find but found so many contraditions about mordants. Several friends and I tried printing and got almost zero results until we used a post homemade rust mordant.... None look as beautiful as the ones pictured here.....so I'm really excited and thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge.

  3. So looking forward to your take on ecoprinting. And thank you ahead of time to posting (in English).

  4. Nienke,
    So excited to read this preview of August - like a birthday present for me! I've tried and tried and currently am curing some soy-soaked cotton squares to sample leaves from my garden. I will follow along with interest and print out your posts for reference. Thank you a million times for sharing your successes. Silk is easy, wool is easy - cotton is very challenging!

  5. I'm so looking forward to learning how to do this. Like Mary says, there are so many different contradictions out there it will be good to start somewhere.

  6. I know a few people who are looking forward to this month.

  7. really looking forward to this month!!!

  8. Me too! I also can't find many sites that share their wealth of knowledge. Of late, I've noticed that the secrets are closely guarded so they can sell what they know in books or even booklets. Even with the contact printing that I wrote about previously, I can't get more details about printing with fresh leaves and flowers, rather than the dried. My recent experiments have not been very successful and I just learned that folks pre-mordant the leaves. So much I don't know....


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