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Sunday, December 22, 2013

A supply question

These wool felted blankets are such a great find. Unfortunately many surface designers are buying them up. I do have a few places where you can get them.
I bought mine at an Army Navy Store years ago to use as batting in a HEAVY weight quilt. Now you can't find them any where but online...

Heavy weight and a bit on the pricey side here

Czech White Wool Blanket

A bit less money but with a small strip here

And here

Even if you just get one, You can use it as yardage to make a jacket, make small felted landscapes, purses or let you imagination run wild. Acid dye is cheap and gives beautiful colors. Party on....

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  1. Hello! I think I have a solution for your felting the that joined two pieces. Am not sure it was the machine (I have the same one). Use light wisps of roving instead of laying the roving with all fibers going in one direction. Criss-cross the bits of roving in very light layers and it should felt beautifully.
    Merino is probably the best, Corriedal also is good. Some wool breeds don't felt well at all.
    Francie Ginocchio (Rochester, MN)


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