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Monday, February 23, 2015

Painting techniques day 14


There are all sorts of stencils: metal, plastic, freezer paper, plain paper, tape and many more. This is a simple stencil that I have been making since this product, Avery Note Tabs, was first introduced. As a matter of fact I have a step by step tutorial on making them here.

I can only find one of the many I made because the bookcase they were adhered to collapsed under the weight of all my books (smile). I know I put them somewhere...

I made another spiral which is one of my favorites.

This is my round pouncer. I have these in three sizes. I bought them at WalMart and I am still using the same few after all these years. 

They leave a nice clear edge and even after washing MANY times, the sticky back keeps sticking.

Don't forget to heat set.


  1. I haven't commented this month yet... but I am really enjoying your posts this month. So many ideas of what to use your paints for! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy this idea of the Avery tabs. Simple but effective. Have you used them with sun printing?

  2. Another great technique! Did you use regular fabric paint here?

  3. I forgot all about these! Just reviewed the tutorial, now I need to find some of the tabs. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Thanks so much for the month's worth of painting inspiration. I've really been enjoying these and yet never commenting. Every morning after I read the newest installment, I'm itching to get upstairs to the fabric and paints.

  5. Great! That is so good to hear!


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