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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Painting techniques day 10


This is a large piece of previously "blotted" fabric. I made this years ago in one of Wen Redmonds workshops. I thought this would be a good time to stamp on it.

These two stamps are made from a Styrofoam tray (left) and cardboard (right). They both make excellent stamps.

The stamp on the left is one I carved from a photograph and one on the right is cut from foam core board glued onto foam core board. The stamp on the right I use over and over without washing it off.

I made the roller stamps from rug padding and rubber elastics. The wooden stamp is made with rope attached with matte medium. I get the lint rollers from the dollar store.

I am using Seta-Color which is not liquid but not as thick as ProFab paints. I am also using a round "pouncher" to apply the paints to the stamps. The white fabric on the lower left is to off print with the pouncher.

This is one of my favorite stamps. I love the look of this rug padding.

and the elastics


  1. Beth,
    Love these! I'm intrigued by the cardboard stamp... did you tape something over the ridges, or carve the top layer away to create the pattern? And I must remember to get some adhesive rollers... what a great way to create a fast, easy stamp!

  2. Yes, I just carefully cut away the top layer of paper on the card board.

  3. I'm surprised you get any sleep with all these very creative ideas! The examples are wonderful.

  4. Love the lint rollers! I have also found that toilet paper rolls fit well on paint rollers from the hardware and have usedthem.

  5. And the really good thing is that anything you use your stamps on will be totally original. Great results.


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