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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Creating Texture with Paint - part 3 (screen printing)

Now back to the fun stuff...

How about some screen printing with paint on fabric!

Very often, I prefer screen prints that are a bit more abstract and organic. For this piece, I just tore off pieces of paper towel and placed them on the outside of the screen frame. (Another of our guest artists, Wil, taught me this technique. Thanks, Wil!)

I sprayed them slightly with water just to help them adhere to each other a bit.

For this process it is easiest, for at least the first pass, to place the fabric on top of this side of the screen and THEN turn it over holding the fabric to the screen. Then print with paint as usual (a line of paint at the "top" of the screen then drag the paint down the screen with a squeegie-thingie. After this first pass, the paper towel pretty much clings to the screen so you can pick it up carefully and place it on the fabric over and over. The paper towel falls apart eventually but you get a lot of prints before that happens.

Here is a piece I did with this technique of screen printing.

Do you have a larger piece of fabric that you want to screen print in more of an continuous pattern to create texture?  You can make your own large screens!  I so wish I could remember were I learned this but I have no idea. If someone knows, please let me know a I will gladly give due credit.

I started with a large piece of organza which I would not be using for anything else. Then I cut it to size. Then I bound the sides with that wonder of all wonders - duck tape!! (or duct tape - depending on what you prefer.) I tried to keep the organza as smooth as possible but it is difficult. 

Then I used Golden Matte Medium and just scraped it onto the organza in a random pattern (this is what I was going for in a background) You can scrape it on with a credit card or anything else and make it as thick or thin or broken as you like (although not TOO thick to be able to drag the squeegee over). Or in any design. I wanted the peeling paint effect. You might want swirls or Xs or something.  It's up to you!!

Next, let the medium dry COMPLETELY.  I know...patience.  I'm not good at that either but it really is necessary on this one.

Now you are ready to print!! I used two colors and applied the paint just like you would on a smaller screen but enough to cover the screen when I dragged it on to print. This one is very organic so a smooth one pass method was not so important.

Results of first pass

Then the screen needs to be washed well to get off all the paint. I filled my sink with warm soapy water (don't get it too hot or it will also get rid of the medium) Gently wash off the first paint and hang it out to dry well.....again with the patience!!! Then you are ready for the next pass.

Here is the resulting large piece. And a close-up of the clock portion which I have plans for!

Wash the screen again very well and hang to dry once more. When it is quite dry, it is ready to put away. I roll mine around a piece of  a pool noodle for storage.

The realm of screen printing for texture is almost limitless. Let's see what you have up YOUR sleeve!!

E-mail photos to Kelly@KellyLHendrickson.com and they will be shown on Free For All Friday!!!

Until tomorrow you wonderfully talented artists!!


  1. I've had a silk screen frame for quite a while that I have not used yet. I think about doing this all the time but this post has definitely inspired me - I'd do it today but it's pouring outside where all of my textile paints are housed for the summer but asap!

  2. Kelly, I love your posts.
    Yesterday I make lines on my Round Robin fabrics. see my post on http://quiltaart.blogspot.nl/2014/08/round-robin-3.html

  3. Great printing tips, Kelly! I have to find time to get some printing done this month, just to give these a try!

  4. This is very inspiring. thanks

  5. Love the free-form organza idea. Haven't tried that and so much easier than putting it in a frame. Thanks.

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm so glad you are inspired and looking forward to using some of these techniques. Aart - LOVE that fabric!

  7. Very cool - I will defiantly be trying this!

  8. Great, Carol! If you remember, perhaps you could e-mail me your results! Kelly@KellyLHendrickson.com


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