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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Creating Texture with Dye - In Closing

OK...first things first

DON'T  FORGET  TO E-MAIL  ME  PHOTOS!! Remember that little robot in the movie "Short Circuit"? I'm a lot like him....INPUT!!!!! I love INPUT!!!!  I so want to see some of your own dyed work and hear how you perceive the texture in it. Here is my e-mail again.....


All photos will be posted in the Friday Free For All. Please join in the fun!!

And now to close out this section.........

Did you enjoy the resist textures? If you did, you will want to come back in October for Nienke's presentation which will cover so much more and so many more techniques and resists! AND she will be presenting information on shibori as well!  I know I'm looking forward to it!

And Beth's presentation on Breakdown Printing is in December. Don't miss that one either!!

I hope this week will give you "new eyes" to see texture in your dyed pieces...new ways to use them in your art work.

Now just a reminder...next week we will be looking at creating texture with paint. Oh that is a fun one!

And to close...here is your moment of texture


  1. I haven't had time to get any links up but I am quite liking what I'm seeing. thanks

  2. Thank YOU Elle!! I'm glad you have enjoyed week one.

  3. Great textures, love seeing them, how do you get the photos together, and twisted so beautifully.


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