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Sunday, August 10, 2014

And One More for Dyeing

Hi Everyone!!

Don't know if some of you are hanging out here today but since I just received these photos I wanted to include them in the Dye week.

Funny thing (at least to me anyway) is that I was cleaning out some VERY old files this morning and found some 17 year old photos of a visit to the Grand Canyon and Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. When I opened up these photos from Eileen Gidman...it reminded me of canyon walls with the layers and layers of sediment deposits, Navajo jewelry and the drawings of the people who were the early inhabitants of  this area.

To create texture in these two pieces I started with damp soda soaked fabric and using a syringe applied dye concentrates. For some of the lighter colors and specific accent colors (turquoise), different strengths of dyes were applied with a brush. --- Eileen Gidman

Thanks again for all your wonderful photos you guys!


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