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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Learning by doing ...

As I explained last time, I was making small sketches furiously while trying to translate them into quilts. Some worked, some didn't or at the end resulted in an another quilt ... 
Farewell was the first try to liberate my stitching lines. Slowly, in "small steps" I tried to vary and develop my marks. I started to us painted linen as background instead of patchwork. In a way this was an another effort to concentrate on my stitching and "elude" the dominance of a quilted top.
The Narrow Ridge

The Narrow Ridge - detail
I found that I liked to work with the simple running stitch - with varying length and density.

Apart - detail

Together - detail
Down by the river
Down by the river - detail
Down by the river - detail
My fascination with the simple running stitch grow with each and every day. I just found my mark-making method - in fact similar to my drawn marks, so in a way it was a confirmation of being on the right path.


  1. I really love what you have been doing to find your niche with hand stitching! I had a lot of experience growing up with embroidery, but haven't done much hand embellishment lately. You are inspiring me to think about how I can use hand stitching more as mark making...

  2. Oh yes...I feel the exact same pull toward the 'simple' yet very effective stitches. (sorry if this is a duplicate...blogger keeps giving me the 'oops message'

  3. I love the way you use the running stitch with the painted linen.

  4. You have definitely found your mark making method,I love what you have done.

  5. This is very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing such beautiful examples.

  6. really enjoying your blog. simple stitch is giving two amazing pieces in together and apart. I'm currently working on my own fully hand stitched piece which I am enjoying.

  7. I love these pieces. A great reminder that we should keep exploring and even revisit techniques we haven't used in many years. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!


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