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Monday, March 10, 2014

... and some more mature results ...

2013 I went through a difficult time - breast cancer and the resulting treatments - which made me turn inside. Creative work and hand stitch was my sanctuary and it often saved my sanity. It was also a technique which worked anywhere and in any circumstances. My B.C. series are very personal reflections and emotional statements. My stitches were my words - which came much easier this way.
I haven't finished all the quilts - yet. Stitching takes time, but here are some. I've enclosed some of the mark-making sketches as well.

B.C.1 - One Bleak Morning - simple repeated marks for monotony. Printed marks in different gray values to create depth. Stitches: repeated chain stitches mixed with "confusion".
Sketch for B.C.1
B.C.1 - One Bleak Morning, painted, screenpinted, stitched lin
B.C.1 - One Bleak Morning - detail
B.C.2 - Lone: the painted background created the depth. Marks are strong but monotonous, "waste space" around the stitched figure.
Sketch for B.C.2

B.C.2 - Lone

B.C.2 - Lone - detail
B.C.3 - Freefall: The impression of verticality through painting and printing is reinforced through the small but dense stitched marks. Discharged and stitched "peaks": impression of mountains (more verticality), impression of danger, and the "break-down-image" of an unruly EKG. 
Sketch for B.C.3
B.C.3 - Freefall
B.C.3 - Freefall - detail

B.C.4 - Insomniac

B.C.4 - Insomniac - detail
As said, there are several more of this series in progress. I'll post them when they're ready on my blog. My aim here was to try to show the stages my hand stitching went through during the last 2-3 years. Even if I have certain ideas I would like to work on, I'm unable to say how my work will look like in 3-4 years. It will be certainly hand stitched because the fascination is immense and the creative options are endless. 


  1. Beata, These are very powerful quilts, thanks for sharing them.

  2. Yes, I agree with Linda......these quilts certainly evoke emotion.....yet if I didn't know the story behind them, each would be still be appealing to me as I love the simply yet strong design message.

  3. What incredible expression you have achieved with your stitching! And they are even more impressive given the experience you were living through at the time...

  4. my initial word, powerful, has already been stated. But thats what these are. Thanks for sharing.

  5. very courageous and moving. Your work is so powerful in its simplicity. laura

  6. this is amazing! I would never have thought simple stitching would work to make a piece so strong. You have opened another hole in my mind. thank you.

  7. Thank you all. I appreciate your comments.

  8. A difficult journey to go on... thank you for sharing your pieces.



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