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Monday, January 12, 2015

Ugly duckling 3

This time the duckling is a deconstructed screen print which had too much white on it.

I soda soaked it and accordeon folded it like this:

Placed it in a glass jar, added ice cubes on it and seafoam procion dye powder.

After this dye bath it looked like this. Much work was still needed.

Of course you can buy stamps, but I love working with unusual stamps. For this piece of fabric I stamped with bubble wrap and punchinella. For the bubble wrap I used teal Golden Acrylic and for the punchinella Pebeo Setacolor transparent fuchsia. 

The colors used in the deconstructed screen printing were red and blue so using similar colors would keep the whole design together.

After the two stamping session this fabric still needed more so I decided to give it another dye bath. I forgot to write down the exact colors I used, but they were different yellows, one was straw and the other might have been golden yellow or sun yellow.

This fabric was a difficult one, but I am satisfied with the result I got. Here is a picture of a detail:


  1. You definitely nailed this one....what a very positive change!!

  2. You definitely nailed this one....what a very positive change!!

  3. Thank you so much for this series. I'm new to dyeing and screen printing. Sometimes it seems that all I produce are ugly ducklings. You give me some hope that I can improve these. Again thank you for sharing the steps and the beautiful outcomes.

  4. Great example of how multiple techniques can create a very colorful and visually interesting fabric! Thanks for sharing about this!

  5. What a change. I notice you don't hesitate to mix dyes and paint in the same piece. The paint definitely acts as a resist.

  6. It's helpful to know what it takes sometimes to make it work!

  7. Oh my, what a difference that last dye bath made. I am so enjoying coming to your blog and seeing the progressive stepe of the fabric you work on.

  8. That final dye bath really nailed it.


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