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Friday, January 16, 2015

and more TYVEC

I found all these small pieces of painted Tyvec and of course I couldn't just put them away! So I made a few more beads.

These beads with two colors on both sides really are lovely and the mica in the ProBrite paint is very sparkly.


  1. After watching the video & looking at your examples it is unclear to me whether or not the beads have to be wrapped with wire or thread to stay rolled. Does the tyvek melt to itself?

  2. No. The Tyvec just melts to itself. I actually think the wraps are distracting and later beads went without. Once or twice the pointed tip of the Tyvec lifted and a dot of Elmers helped hold it down. That is usually not the case though.

  3. Thanks for the extra info. I've only worked a little with tyvek but thought that must be the case. I do really like your beads that are unadorned. I just expended a paint brush on a sheet of Tyvek, wondering why & what I'd do with it. This must be why!

  4. I am drooling. The green ones lookalike they are some kind of chrysalis.


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