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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Three "thrifty" silk screens

Depending on the size you are looking for you can make a silk screen from 1. hard paper board/mat board, 2. an old picture frame, or 3. foam core board.

Here is a silk screen I made but have yet to use. I made it from foam board from the $ store. It is 15" X 18" with a screen 9" X 12". It took less than a half hour to make - way less. The direction for covering the foam board screen is the same as the traditional but much easier. This is also much less permanent than the traditional wooden frames but should do nicely for a trial.

Sheer curtains

 Mark 2" in from edge on all four sides

Cut out center

 Cut sheer to within about a 1/2" from the edge

Tape top edge down

Fold over top edge and press tape onto back of "frame". Tape all four sides of sheer to "frame".

Next round of tape overlaps the first and covers 5/8" of screen (see traditional silk screen construction)

You can see the tape covering the screen

Remember to press the tape onto the screen so that it sticks well.

Flip "frame" over and apply tape first to the edge on the screen so that they 'kiss".

Apply tape on back to other 3 sides making sure all the foam core board is encased in Gorilla tape.

 Here is a small screen made with hard cardboard. You can use box board or mat board as well. The screen below is covered in DUCK (quack) tape. Both DUCK tape and Gorilla tape are waterproof. Duct tape is NOT.

I haven't shown an old picture frame but use the staple gun and Gorilla tape like on the wooden frame from yesterday. Cheap and quick.

** I have now used this screen twice and it is dried and put away for another day. Still holding up!

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  1. good idea using mat board, I hadn't thought of that one. Presumably a little varnish before using the tape would make it even more durable?


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