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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last Post for May and Lutradur

Last Post for May and Lutradur.

This is my last post for May.  The month has gone by fast. I hope you have learned something new about Lutradur or about any of the techniques or tips presented.
Putting wonder under on Lutradur to make a cut out transfer.

For June I hope it is sunny so that I can practice the Sun Printing lessons coming up.

I leave you with one last hint or comment from Leslie Riley.

My final question to her was

Jo: As an artist, writer and busy art coach do you have any thoughts how important it is or if it is to your art practice to explore different ideas like this blog presents?  

Leslie: I have always said that it’s important to explore EVERYTHING. It is in the doing, the playing, that the AHa! moments arise. Your biggest insight may be that you don’t like the material or techniques, and that’s OK! But you may find that it fires off little idea sparks for something else or a new way to use or do something. You never know where inspiration is going to come from.

What is most important is that you PLAY. Approaching new materials and techniques with a ‘what-if’ or ‘let’s play’ state of mind takes the pressure to succeed and excel off and allows for some pretty fantastic results.

This sounds like good advice…
Leslie blog and newsletter inspires this artistic spirit as well.
This blog promotes this view point as well.

There is so much more to share so if you want to see more I will try to share it on my blog. 

Like angelina on lutradur.

The winner Leslie’s e-book will be announced tomorrow and I will try to get in touch with you. If I can't get in touch with that person then I will draw another name. 
This will inspire the what-if in anyone.
The winner of the package of Lutradur supplies and goodies will be pulled the same way. 
And I am sure they will have a few things to play with.
So it is off off to play with things old and new… hummmm Sun printing June’s topic sounds good.  

I also want to share with you what my friend Al did for me. 
He took a picture with one of my relatives on it printed on Lutradur and made this pillow for me... 

Very cute and now is not only a reminder of my family member but will grace my house as well. Great idea for a gift. I love what he has done with the fabric around it. Kind of a crazy patch scrunching. 


Felting the centre of the flowers.


  1. Great job, Jo! I am off to play!

  2. Thank you for all your lessons, I am very glad with this promotion of lutradur. It has inspired me. I follow you further on your blog. greetings from Liesbeth


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