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Sunday, May 18, 2014

1As I celebrate time Victoria Day weekend with my friends and family I thought it was time for another question and answer from Leslie Riley. 

Lesley inpires me as a artist. She wears many hats so she knows what busy is. Her blog, newsletter and website provides me with a lot of food for thought. So I asked her the following. 

      Jo: As an artist, writer and busy art coach do you have any thoughts how important it is or if it is to your art practice to explore different ideas like this blog presents?  

Leslie: I have always said that it’s important to explore EVERYTHING. It is in the doing, the playing, that the AHa! moments arise. Your biggest insight may be that you don’t like the material or techniques, and that’s OK! But you may find that it fires off little idea sparks for something else or a new way to use or do something. You never know where inspiration is going to come from.

What is most important is that you PLAY. Approaching new materials and techniques with a ‘what-if’ or ‘let’s play’ state of mind takes the pressure to succeed and excel off and allows for some pretty fantastic results.

Jo: Now some personal thoughts on what Leslie's response was. I have struggled with  what I want to do with this desire to create and learn. I belong to SAQA and attend our local regional meetings. There are many serious artist that I have met and admire. I am not there yet in my head or life. I create to learn and explore. 

Why do you create and explore..... 


And since this does not have a technique I will share with you an picture of my place where I rest and rejuvenate


  1. Great post and I had to smile about why I do what I do. My answer came quickly, Because I have to. It's like breathing!!

  2. Lovely row of rest and rejuvenation! I seem to be drawn in by the learning at this point but I'm thinking it is now time to play with all the resources I have and been exposed to. But Beth's comment is resonating. I have to- learn, and so I play, create. I just have to make things!

  3. Beth and Elle ... You comments are dead on for me . I had this jump to mind when I read your comments... "I make therefore I am!"

    Looking forward to this week and printing with Lutradur.


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