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Monday, June 24, 2013

Gelli Printing With Wood Masher

Lynda here again with a short post about gelli printing with another one of my kitchen tools - a wood masher.

For this design, I covered the gelli plate with blue paint. I then dipped the masher into red paint and proceeded to stamp it on the plate. I also made sure to push down on the masher to remove some of the blue paint so the white fabric would show through.

And here is that print.  That white line on the right is from a string that was on the plate.  I planned to cut this up so it didn’t make any difference.

I thought this piece would make a great fabric bracelet. 
I cut out a piece 1½ inches wide and long enough to fit around my wrist, and backed it with felt. I then hand stitched it including the blanket stitch around the entire piece, added a button, and stretchy wire for closure.


Gelli printing is so much fun and so easy.  I hope these posts have encouraged you to try this. It's really quite addicting!


  1. I like the way you did this and it DOES look like fun...

  2. Fascinating! I was thinking of making soap bubbles print, looks like I found the tutorial here :-). Just one question, I'm just not sure I understand this: 'I also made sure to push down on the masher to remove some of the blue paint so the white fabric would show through'. Would you be so kind to explain this?

  3. Nienke, I hope I can explain this a bit better. When I pushed and turned the masher on top of the plate it removed some of the blue paint from the plate giving me circles. Since the paint was completely removed from the plate, when I printed it the white fabric shows through. Instead of just doing that one step, I added the red paint on the masher so that part of the circles would be red. It could have been done in two steps. I hope that helps.

  4. Thanks so much Lynda, I will definitely try it myself these days and show the results!!


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