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Monday, June 12, 2017

Thanks for Firing me up!

I don’t remember exactly when I found the “Fire” blog, but it was several years ago.  I was immediately inspired and excited by all the fabulous posts about various surface design techniques from the folks who shared their projects and experiments!  I had not been using many of the techniques for long, and really wanted to learn and try them for myself, so I eagerly devoured each post, and tried many over the years.  Then I was blessed to be asked to share some of my experiments here, which was a distinct honor! 
From time to time, I have gone back into the archives to re-visit various posts, and love that the wealth of wonderful information is right at my fingertips, as if I had a whole library in my home to cull through.
While I am sorry to see that the “Fire” blog is no longer going to be adding posts, I know that I will be able to continue referring back to it, and that is a comfort.
Thanks to Judith and Beth, the founders of this great, fun place, for keeping the blog going for so long!  You have done a great service to your fellow fiber artists!  I hope you will continue experimenting and pushing the envelope in your artwork, and I will try to do the same, armed with such a wonderful array of tools found right here on the “Fire” blog! 


  1. What a nice tribute! A great job ladies!

  2. I agree. A lovely tribute. Thanks Judy.

  3. NO! DON'T GO!!!!! I just found you. I love this blog. PLEASE DON'T GO!!!!


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