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Saturday, April 26, 2014

What is up for May? Lutradur!

After a call out last year for people to make suggestions on what to experiment for the upcoming year by Beth  I emailed and shared that I had done a workshop based on Leslie Riley’s book on Lutradur. Beth extended the invitation to be a guest blogger. So for the month of May I am your guest host. And I am bringing along some of my friends who have not used Lutradur in their work before but were game to try. I needed moral support for this venture!

I also got bold and emailed a few people that know a bit more on this subject than I. I have found out that people in the world of blogging, book writing, artists are very sharing people! So they will be popping in with some guest posts.

I want you to know that I am not an expert in the subject but am an experimenter. I love to learn. I am not a writer but I have been doing a lot of writing this month to get ready. So you may find grammatical and spelling mistakes. But you will also find a bunch of trial and errors, lots of pictures and my willingness to have you jump in and email me with your own experiences. I love to hear about what others have found that works or doesn't work.

 To follow along you will need a few things. A sense of adventure, Lutradur and some things that you may already have in the house.

Things to colour with - paints, paint sticks, crayons, ink pads, inks etc.
Things to add colour with - brushes, scrapers, sponges, stamps, stencils, computer, transfer methods.

Things to sew with - machine, threads, needles….

Things to embellish with -wool, fibres, beads etc.

Tools to burn with - a soldering iron, stamping heat gun, your own iron…

 You will be amazed with what you have around the house that you can use this month!

Leslie Riley who wrote the book called “Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur” found 27 ways to play with Lutradur in her 2009 book by C&T publishing.

It was this resource and a few other books that I had in my library that I formed two hour workshop I shared with my art group in 2013. And now there is a whole month to explore this fabric! So while my house has been full of creating samples and my sewing desk looks like this…

 your job is to get some Lutradur to play along!

Maybe you have not heard of Lutradur before …what exactly is it? According to the packaging Lutradur is a “Pellon” product which is a 100% nonwoven translucent polyester and was used by furniture companies to cover the underneath of chairs and couches. How and who first discovered to make art with it I am not sure. Do you know?

To purchase it first try your local art store or quilt store. It can be bought in packages by C &T publishing or in yardage. There are different weights to try as well. But to start try any that you can find. It is called Spunbond in the UK and Rainbowspun in Australia. If you cannot find it locally. Try the internet. Google!! That’s what I did!

I know that you can purchase it in North America from...
Leslie Riley’s site http://www.lesleyriley.com/
C & T Publishing http://www.ctpub.com

In the UK…
Spun Art http://spunart.com/  
Kim Thittichai  http://www.nid-noi.com

In Europe… http://www.inekeberlyn.com

And if anyone in the UK, Australia, Europe or somewhere else in the world has a place they can get it please let me know and I will add it to the list. 

So come May 1st I hope you enjoy traveling through my samples and my friends adventures with this interesting fibre…..

Enjoying the adventure and hope you do too!



  1. Ultra door is also used as the under covering in many upholstery products. Like mattresses and sofas and chairs. Members of my art group cannot pass a trash pile that contains a mattress or a sofa! They carry scissors, vinyl gloves and plastic bags and wash it in hot water when they get home.

  2. Sorry for the ultra for spell check!!!!! Lutrador!!!!

  3. Here are 2 other European sellers: www.quiltzauberei.de and www.zijdelings.eu

  4. Another source in the UK

  5. I have Leslie's book and it's so much fun to play with new materials...good post!

  6. I love lutradur, I join this party, greetings from liesbeth

  7. I have some Lutrador just hanging around waiting to be played with!!Looking forward to this month!


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