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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Interview with Ann Johnston, Part 2

How did the "Chain" idea come to you?
The chain idea came from the rope!  I have carried a wet rope all over the world in my suitcase, stained, fraying, etc. I always look for something that will be easier to clean and lighter. I would look for one with even larger links. They don't work exactly the same, it slips easier on the chain which is good, but the wrinkles aren't as tight and dye gets into the links so dyes the fabric from the inside. The rope adds some of the last color to the next piece (which can be ok and will probably wash out) unless soaked for a very long time.

What sorts of quilts do you make and are they planned or become as a response to the fabric you create?
I make lots of sorts of quilts. pieced, appliquéd, whole cloth, big wedding quilts, tiny baby quilts, and every size of wall piece. The first 200 or so were mostly hand quilted, now mostly machine quilted. please look at my web site, annjohnston.net under the gallery menu. you sill see some going way back under the collections item.  There are lots of photos, not all, as the old stuff didn't have digital versions. 

 Many pieces are a response to the fabric itself. Most recently, I have focused on doing quilts about a region I love, called the Sierra Nevada. this link will bring you to a flyer for the exhibit 
and this link has some text and images about it.  http://www.annjohnston.net/calendarexhibitions.html
I am dyeing fabric for more quilts in the same vein, to be exhibited altogether sometime, somewhere... for now the exhibit is traveling with 14 quilts.

 If there are any questions others have asked in the past that you think our readers will be interested in, please add them on to our questions.
Feel free to ask me any questions anytime.

Can you also send a few pics of your quilts?
I have so many photos on my web site. but here are two that are too new to be up there yet. Please include my copyright date with the title and size.

 Ann Johnston c 2014 Between the Veins. is 48" x 43"
Ann Johnston c 2014 Between the Veins. is 48" x 43" detail

Ann Johnston c 2014 Wave 13,  26 x 25


Ann Johnston c 2014 Wave 13,  26 x 25 detail

Ann Johnston
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  1. Wow, hope to see quilts of yours in real in Europe as well! Thanks so much for sharing your art, techniques and skills.

  2. It is a joy to peruse your website!
    Thanks for sharing with us Ann.


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