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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Exciting News for 2014

This year on the FIRE blog we are welcoming our followers to participate in our monthly techniques creating an opportunity for our readers to participate more actively. This participation would mean contributing in some form - exercises, own examples, ideas, outlooks, etc. to each months technique. We will open up the topic of the month as we present our chosen themes throughout January  Our readers will have time to consider each technique and register with the one responsible for the chosen month’s post. This will add excitement and provide a way for followers to showcase their own approaches to each technique.

As you  join with a monthly technique in January, we will use the opportunity to introduce you to our blog followers and present a bio of you and your work.

In addition to  sharing  in a month with a resident artist, we are also opening the door to 6 new Guest Artists. Each Guest Artist would head up their own month with a technique that they would like to present. You will also have the benefit of having three other artists work along with you making it a fun and interactive month.

Starting tomorrow, we will have each resident artist give a brief description of their month and you are invited to join her.

Tomorrow Judith will talk about her month, her plans and a possible guest interview!!! I think everyone is going to be excited about February and each motnh will have an exciting line up of techniques and plenty of opportunities to join in.

Remember, if you want to host your own month, please don't be shy. Either comment below or contact me on my contact form by clicking on the link below.

The best way to contact me is by either leaving a comment or using the Contact Form at the bottom of this page  <- click link


  1. Looking forward to the new format!!!

  2. I am curios, and cant wait till tomorrow

  3. Would you be interested in a session on painting with acrylics on fabric? I use thick 'heavy body' paints applied after quilting rather than acrylic inks. I had tutorials published on 'Quiltwow' and in 'Patchwork Professional' which I could update.

  4. This looks fun, can't wait to see the ideas.


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