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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sceenprinting with quilting ring and glue

Most of us still have a quilting ring
Attach some gauze to the ring. This case I used synthetic gauze used for paper making.
Draw something of your choosing on the gauze.

Cover everything that will NOT be printing with glue. Place the ring on a surface with the drawing on top.

Tape a window around the drawing. On the back tape wider and extra. This is the side from where the paint will be applied.

You can check if everything is covered by holding the ring against the light. All the small holes should be filled with glue.

Now printing!!

When cleaning the screen ( with water), some of the glue will dissolve but that can always be reapplied.
This way ( by removing and/or reapplying the glue)) it is always possible to adjust your print. This way you can make different images with just one drawing.


  1. What a fabulous method of creating prints. I just love this. Very clever!!

  2. Let's dig up the embroidery ring too, THANKS for a great tutorial!

  3. I like to work with glue reservation, they are so versatile and relatively easy to make. thanks for the tutorial

  4. I love this method and have used it myself. Not ideal for detailed images but brilliant where crispness isn't essential to the design.

  5. Nice idea. And I have another to share. If you switch out the glue for Modge Podge, nothing will dissolve, so the screen will be permanent.

  6. I have done something similar, only creating a screen with curtain mesh and a set of stretcher bars, then I used acrylic house paint to block the area that is not to be printed. That makes the design very water-resistant, and the paint dries quickly. Great ideas that I need to add to my list for this winter!

  7. Fascinating! Wonderful. Highly creative. Thanks so much sharing.


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