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Sunday, September 22, 2013

More exercises

Again, my examples are just those: examples. I show them to help if you would have any difficulties but there are so many possible good solutions, even better ones. I hope that you’ll try out yourself.

One colour appears as two

1. Altering the value in grayscale:
and in colours:
2. Altering the hue:
3. Altering the saturation:
And here is the second exercise. I used 7 colours trying them appear as if each of them would be different.With some of them it didn't work. Can you tell which ones and why?
I hope I could interest you to try out some of these exercises. They do help you to handle colour in your work.


  1. It is all so very interesting, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on this subject!

  2. I am not in a place to be creative YET but I wanted you to know I have used the design principles from the "Picture This" book by Molly Bang you suggested about a year ago to create a peaceful piece, at least in my head. Hope to get this done soon. Thank you for all you have so generously given us. I have saved every word!!

  3. Nienke, Beth thanks for your numerous praises. I'm happy if you can find these 'monologs' useful.


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